It is now my duty to tell all you lovely people of the place I would go on my dream vacation, but first I think I’ll tell you a bit about my previous travelling experiences.

I love travelling, and I have since I was a little kid. It is not so much seeing new places, but rather covering one-self in another’s culture, is what intrigues me most. I have been to many places in my life time, all the Caribbean Islands, practically all of Europe save for Spain, across Canada, and since my parents invested in an RV, across the United States. I’m sure I’m leaving many countries and probably   continents out, but I can never remember all the places I’ve been, only my Mom does.

However, if I were to go to one place, I would go to Holland. I’ve been there before, and its not very sunny (which if you were to see my tan, you’d understand I love the sun), but of all the places in the world I have been Holland feels most like home to me.

My Grandmother lived in Holland growing up, before moving to Canada, but when moving she left a lot of family behind, which is just another reason for me to wish to go there. My family is an old name, and you can track it back generations, however every single trail will start you off from one point, and that point is Holland.

Rotterdam, to be exact now. My Grandmother’s Mom’s Sister, Tante Gertruda (Hair-tue-dah, except you make a guttural sound on hair) is the only living relative that is not married into the family left, and she is currently in her early 90’s. It’s hard to imagine that she is, because when you talk to her she truly is so full of life, but I would like to see her another time.

Here is an older photo of me and my Tante Gerr (Hair with the guttural sound, its shorter and everyone calls her that.) My hair is long here, so just ignore that part, but she herself hasn’t aged a day.

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