The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is my platform. When choosing my platform, I had absolutely no problem, because I have always raised money for the SPCA. This last winter, I raised two hundred dollars on one weekend by carolling out on Main Street Unionville.

I love animals. I can not walk by a dog with ought stopping to say hello to him or her, and if you ever go to a mall with me and I convince you to go into a pet store you know you will be there until you drag me out. I just have a big heart, and I can not stand to see the poor dears in their tiny cages.

I suppose a rather good example of my love for animals could be just this weekend. I went up to my Uncles Cottage with my family and my best friend, and while we were tanning on the dock we saw a snapping turtle. It was trying to catch a fish, but because the turtle was so big the fish all went into hiding. I am sure the turtle would have been fine, but I took pity on the thing, (we named him/her Herbert) and so I spent a solid half an hour feeding it strawberries and cherries.

Anyways, the SPCA saves animals from abusive homes, puppy mills, or the street, makes them healthy, and then finds them what they call their `forever home`. The people who with to take on the animals from the SPCA go through background checks so that they know they are giving the animals to homes that will take care of whatever their special needs may be. The SPCA takes in any type of household or barnyard animal.

Last week I dropped in my donation for the SPCA and they decided to take a couple pictures with me and some of the animals, so that I could go into their Magazine. My Mom took some as well, and here is one she took. The others my Mom took can be found on my facebook page,

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