My photographer and I took a trip a little bit more outdoors-like than I’m used to in my heels. The two of us went out to one of my towns biggest attractions, The Markham Fair.

The Markham Fair is the largest fair in Canada, so it was sort of cool this time to be a part of it, instead of a bystander. What I got to do was roam around the lot, in and out of the buildings, and pretty much be like one of the Disney Princess characters in the theme parks for a day. Lots of little girls, (and sometimes even some boys!) were really excited to see me, and often I let them try on my crown, and definitely ask as many questions as their minds could find. My personal favourite question of the day was whether or not princesses could say the word underwear, to which I answered back by stuttering out the word, pretending it was impossible.

This was one of my many stops indoors throughout the day ( it got very warm in the sun!), and I happened to stumble upon a man who works with a charity everyone in Markham should know. It’s called Sledging and what it is, is sitting down onto a metal rail sled and propelling yourself on the ice. You propel yourself using short hockey sticks with picks on the ends of them. Sledges are used so that girls and boys who are disabled can play hockey as well. The man beside me in the picture runs the Markham Sledging rink, and any Sunday morning you feel up to it, he welcomes you to go down and try it for yourself!

Here are some more pictures from the day, of me with all the wonderful people I got to meet. I hope I get to do another event like this !

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    I’ve heard that Markham Fair is the largest fall fair in Canada. Great work bringing your photographer along to regional appearances to document your tour of duty – and good job on the text and pictures together here in this blog. Thanks for sharing this Jordan.

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