Hello, my name is Jordy, and I live in Markham, Ontario. I love anything that lets me be creative, because that is my best ability, my imagination. I like to write, sing, act, paint, and sculpt. I’ve recently picked up stone carving, its really messy and gross when you start, but it’s really fun. I love kids too, so I do a lot of things in my community with children. I am a Girl Guide leader (I’ve been in Girl Guides for 12 years), for girls aged nine to twelve. I also work at a place called Colour Me Mine, which is a ceramic painting studio, where I work with anyone of any age, sometimes even week old babies for hand prints. I like working with the younger children, because I get to be one of the people in their lives that tells them they can paint however they want to, they don’t have to colour in the lines if they don’t want to.

I love fashion, too. I model for small jewellery stores, art classes, and for a few small dress shops in my area, but that’s more for fun, really. I have a great love for tea too, and coffee. To be honest, I probably drink far too much caffeine, but I love it so much.

With girl guides, I get to see every inch of my community, from teaching them bike safety on the roads, selling cookies, town wide scavenger hunts and everything in-between. I get to go camping, too, which is fun for me because I get to share my love for the outdoors with the kids. It also lets me just have silly fun, singing camp songs around fires and letting them do my hair. They look up to me, because I’m closer in age to them than the adult leaders, and they’ll be my age soon.

In my neighbourhood  there is a cliff at the end of the road. My friends and I go there in the summer, because you can have camp fires, or swim in the river. Every year salmon migrate from lake Ontario to there, which means there are a couple hundred of them in the shallows. The place is one of those areas that is just.. beautiful.

Thanks for reading, my first post is sponsored by directbuy Ontario as well as Toronto roof repair system.

There’s lots of other things to do in Markham. We have lot’s of restaurants, movie theatres, and shops. We have a mall, and more coffee shops then you can count. We’re right outside of Toronto, but I am not much of a city person. Cities aren’t home to me. The open sky is.

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