I have done a lot of fundraising in the last six weeks for Free the Children, as I am sure most of the other girls have done as well, however fundraising is no new feet to me, and I found it a lot of fun.

My fundraising started a long time ago, back when I got my first allowance. My parents gave me two jars, and I have to put a bit of money in each jar every week, so that I learnt early on that other people need money too. Even when I was little, my money went towards the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) because I have always had an enormous `soft spot` for our four legged friends.

Every year since then I have learnt more and more about the practice of fundraising, the art of people pleasing, and learning when you need to step down. I have had many teachers in my life for fundraising, people like my parents, my grade school teachers, Girl Guide leaders, and of course, the people on the street I have met and talked to over the years.

I have gone carolling, been a leader and part of a flash mob, sold cookies, and held lemonade stands. I have had garage sales for non-profit, and mother daughter tea`s. I have stood on corners down town for hours with a sign and a bucket, singing my heart out, because fundraising is one thing that I do often, well, and I can be proud of.

For the Charity Free the Children, I did a lot of work. I stood outside the LCBO and Sheridan Nurseries two times each, asking customers for donations. I also became a part of the Markham Music Festival, singing on the street and asking for donations from passers by. I decided then to focus on asking businesses for donations, because I am a friendly person and most business owners remember me from previous visits.

I had fun, raising money for free the children, and I am extremely happy to say this will not be the last time you see me on a corner.

Many more photos from my fundraising are available at my facebook page,

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