If I were to make my own TV show, it would be called Boots and Paws and it would be about training of unruly animals.

The reason I would do this kind of show is because it would let me work with creatures all the time, every day, but also it would let me work with people. When working with the people I would tell them my personal tricks to keeping your dog safe, happy, and of course not stealing your steak off the kitchen table.

I think it would be helpful to people, because I would give ways of training that anyone can do (an example is if your dog plays too rough with your child, teach the child to make a whimper like a dog, the dog will stop right away.) I find I do not like a lot of other trainers methods because they work for people, not animals. (For example, how would you like a collar that choked you when you went to smell something that looked completely delicious?)

I think I’d help a lot of people at home while I was helping the people on screen, and that’s why I think I really would love to do it. I think two sponsors that would work well with this would be Burman Books, and Mac Cosmetics. The reason I chose Burman books is because there are many books on dog training available, and it might help them if they help me, in the long run. I chose Mac Cosmetics because even if I was to get down and dirty with the pups, I still have to look good for the camera!

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    Thanks for this Jordan Arsenault

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